Staying on the Right Track for Economic Growth

Today, Statistics Canada announced a monthly GDP decrease of 0.2% in November following a gain of 0.3 in October. This was below market expectations of no gain.

  • Our Conservative government is focused on what matters to Canadians – helping families make ends meet by lowering taxes, and protecting and creating jobs.
  • While monthly estimates can be volatile, more important is the long-term trend.
  • Since coming to office, our Government has had one of the best job creation record in the G7, and we are leading in economic growth. In fact, on a relative basis, we have created almost 20% more jobs than our closest competitor.
  • Since the depth of the global recession, almost 1.2 million net new jobs have been created. These are overwhelmingly full-time, private sector jobs in high-wage industries.
  • However, Canada is not immune to the economic challenges beyond our borders. That is why our Conservative government is working hard to help create jobs and economic growth.
  • Economic Action Plan 2014 does exactly that with positive pro-growth measures like making landmark investments in the largest infrastructure investment plan in Canadian history, creating the Canada Apprentice Loan, supporting more paid internships for recent graduates, cutting red tape for small business, delivering additional tax relief for families, and more.
  • While we’re focused on creating jobs, Justin Trudeau has the same old Liberal high tax, high debt agenda that will threaten jobs and set working families back. How can someone who thinks budgets “balance themselves” be trusted with jobs and the economy?
  • At the same time, Mulcair’s NDP continues to push risky high-tax schemes like a $20 billion carbon tax that would hurt Canada’s economy and kill Canadian jobs.