PM stronger than ever in popularity

By MICHAEL DEN TANDT – Barrie Examiner

His name was rarely mentioned last week. It didn’t seem politic, somehow, to do so.

And yet Prime Minister Stephen Harper emerges, again, as the clear winner as we head into the fall session.

Before Jack Layton’s death Harper’s position was strong.

Now it is nigh on impregnable. And that’s not because both national opposition parties are now effectively rudderless.

That’s only part of it and not the greatest part.

By design, by intent and sheer force of habit, Stephen Harper is becoming the prime minister of all Canadians.

Who would’ve thunk it, only six months ago? Yet here we are. Even his fiercest detractors will admit it if pressed: He’s comfortable in the job. Majority power has not unleashed his basest political instincts.

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