Official Opening of 6-Speed Transmission Line at GM

This morning was the official opening of the new state of the art 6-speed front wheel transmission plant in St. Catharines. That represents close to 500 jobs secured for our community. The $245M investment by GM with some help from the federal government becomes a reality today. By the time the plant reaches full production they will have gone to three shifts to keep up with current consumer demand.

This didn’t happen without a ton of work by a lot of people. Whether it is the executive team led by Ken Williams head of GM Canada, the local CAW 199 or the federal government we all made the right concessions and made sure we looked forward. I want to thank my former colleague and Minister of Industry Jim Prentice who helped me to ensure that the funds for the former Beacon Project in Oshawa were transferred to St Catharines. He never complained about our 1am discussions that helped secure jobs in our city.

This is a proud day for our city and for a proud company and employees who have a long history of success. When things got tough three years ago for GM we found a way and today showed that the effort is paying off.

Now I’m headed back to Ottawa for votes. I’m hoping the Whip doesn’t notice I’m not going to make Question Period….


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