Hébert: Changing gears unlikely to give Liberals much traction

April 19, 2011- Toronto Star

By Chantal Hébert

The lines may be different but the basic script is eerily familiar.

For the third time in as many federal elections, the Liberals are switching horses at the mid-way point in the hope of resuscitating a flagging campaign.

Paul Martin spent the latter half of the 2006 campaign warning voters that a Conservative government would scrap their Charter rights.

In the immediate lead-up to the 2008 vote, Stéphane Dion looked to the economic crisis for fresh arguments against the re-election of a Conservative government.

With his party stalled in voting intentions, Michael Ignatieff has turned to medicare.

Since the debates, the Liberal leader has been hammering the message that the death of a thousand cuts awaits Canada’s top social program under a majority Conservative government.

If the past is any indication, changing gears at this stage in the game does not guarantee more traction with voters.

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