The Federal Accountability Act (FAA)

EDA Contribution Limits

With the passage of the Federal Accountability Act at the beginning of 2007 limits were placed upon contributions to federal political parties and also to electoral district associations (EDAs), local candidates and nomination contestants.

The Act brings more accountability to political financing in the following ways:

The FAA allows for contributions only by individuals who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Contributions to EDAs, candidates and nomination contestants from corporations, trade unions and unincorporated associations are prohibited.  This has been the case for the National Party since 2004, but is now a stipulation for EDAS and local campaigns.

No agent for an EDA, candidate, nomination contestant or the National Party is permitted to receive any single contribution in the form of cash exceeding $20.00.

Contribution Limits:

Each individual person who is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident can now make contributions as follows:

1) To a maximum of $1500 per year to the National Party through the Conservative Fund Canada;
2) To a maximum of $1500 per year to any combination of Conservative EDAs, candidates and nomination contestants.

Therefore, donors have two separate pockets to which they can make contributions to the Conservative Party cause outside of an election campaign period; $1500 to the National Party and a further $1500 to local associations and campaigns.  Contribution limits during an election campaign period are separate from these limits.

The Federal Accountability Act does provide for cost-of-living adjustments to contribution limits over time; in 2015 the contribution limits are $1500 for each pocket.

Financial agents for all Conservative EDAs, as well as current and prospective nomination contestants, should have procedures in place to ensure compliance with the FAA regulations.

Please be advised that the responsibility to comply with FAA rests solely with the donor and with each individual EDA, nomination contestants, and candidates at the local level and is not the responsibility of the National Party.