Budget 2011: A Low-Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth (June 2011)

Jun 06, 2011 at 05:00 PM

Dykstra hails economic stability and support for seniors as good news for St. Catharines

St. Catharines – MP Rick Dykstra is applauding the next phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, saying it will have positive benefits for St. Catharines families, seniors and job creating businesses.

"Canada is weathering the global recession in a stronger position than nearly all major economies, with nearly 540,000 new jobs created since July 2009. But the global economy is still fragile and we need to stay focused on the economy," said Dykstra. "The next phase of our government’s plan keeps taxes low to promote jobs and economic growth, while supporting Niagara families and seniors."

Budget 2011 Highlights

Supporting Seniors

Enhancing the GIS:
Eligible low-income seniors will receive additional annual benefits of up to $600 for single seniors and $840 for couples – helping more than 2300 seniors in St. Catharines.

Enhancing the New Horizons for Seniors Program:

An additional $10 million to promote volunteerism, mentorship and the social participation of seniors, and expand awareness of elder abuse.

Extending the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers:

An additional $50 million to extend the Initiative.

Eliminating the Mandatory Retirement Age for Federally-Regulated Employees:

We’re giving seniors who want to remain active in the workforce the freedom to make that choice by eliminating the mandatory retirement age for federally-regulated employees, unless there is an occupational requirement.

Supporting Job Creation:

A new Hiring Credit for Small Business to support local job growth, supporting Ontario’s manufacturing sector by extending tax relief for investments in new equipment and machinery, and an expanded work sharing program.

Strengthening our Families and Communities:

Up to $5,000 grants for Ontario families to make their homes more energy efficient; a new Family Caregivers Tax Credit, a new Children’s Arts Tax Credit; loan forgiveness to attract doctors and nurses to rural Ontario; a new $3,000 volunteer firefighters’ tax credit; waiving of license renewal fees for hunters and firearm owners; and $5 million to improve the health of the Great Lakes.

"This budget strikes exactly the right balance by showing support for our community’s hard-working families and seniors and ensuring that we continue on the path to economic recovery", said Dykstra.

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